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Control & Monitor

AI Lab Smart City enables you to take control of urban assets such as streetlights. Each individual street lighting node, or group of nodes, can be controlled via a bespoke or standard switching profile.

Key features include:


Evaluate & Analyse

AI Lab’s reporting dashboard aids you in assessing the overall performance of your ecosystem. With a dedicated fault reporting dashboard, you have the freedom to evaluate and analyse a wide range of data sets from one place, in the context of your smart city.

From calculating energy efficiency to assessing fault severity, Ki. unlocks unique urban data keep you better informed about the real challenges on the street, which can be tailored to meet your smart city goals. Capabilities of the dashboard include:


Generate Actionable Insights

AI Lab aggregates multiple data sets and generates actionable insights that help to solve unique municipal challenges. Aiding better informed decisions, actionable insights enable the development of contextual real-world solutions that enhance citizen and civic services and improve how communities live, work and play.


Optimised by Machine Learning

AI Lab Smart City combines these core features and capabilities to create an ecosystem that is optimised by openness. With flexibility between vendors reducing the risks propriety solutions may present, the openness of platform means that opportunities are unlocked and freedom of choice enabled.


The Ki. ecosystem transmits and receives data securely via OTAA, using 128-bitsecurity keys. Supported by TALQ 2.0 and LoRaWAN Class C.


Interrogate various data sets securely, via a cloud based central repository. Analyse urban data based on unique smart city goals

Enabling Hardware

Better understand the measures to take in order to shape the behaviour and development of smart cities

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